He is an outstanding attorney.

“I have referred many clients to Anthony Liberatore and without fail, Anthony has provided top-notch representation to them. His commitment to his clients is without parallel and I will continue to refer my clients to Mr. Liberatore without any hesitation. He is an outstanding attorney.”

Martin L. California Lawyer
Despite an adverse police report, the case resolved for the policy limits of over six figures.

“I have known Anthony Liberatore for over 15 years in a professional capacity. Over coffee we would often discuss our respective cases, usually in the field of personal injury. In 2020, after 41 years of practicing civil litigation, I decided to focus on Workers Compensation law and began referring my personal injury cases to Anthony. The first of several to follow was a wrongful death case which we litigated together. The first thing he asked of me was whether I would travel with him to the accident site which was 60 miles away. Following that trip, several weeks later, he asked If I would drive with him to visit our client, the daughter of the decedent. She lived over a hundred miles from either of our offices, and, although Anthony had spoken to her several times by phone, he wanted to meet with her face to face in her home. What I learned about Anthony on those trips was how thorough he is in his pursuit of a just remedy for his clients, and to accomplish that, an attorney must get to know who his client is. In that case, despite an adverse police report, the case resolved for the policy limits of over six figures.

I have since referred many cases to Anthony, including one of my neighbors, and will continue to do so.”

Greg P. California lawyer
You and your team were there for me every step of the way.

“Dear Mr. Liberatore , I’m writing to thank you and your entire law firm for all your hard work throughout this process. When I first got injured, I wasn’t sure where to turn but with the help of my family that recommended you and making me aware that you have been helping our family for 10+ years on cases like mine. I knew you were the personal injury attorney for me.

Throughout the time we worked together, everyone at your firm was kind, patient and supportive.  You and your team were there for me every step of the way and I want to thank you again.”

I believe that his clients are in good hands.

“Years ago, I litigated a case against Anthony and was impressed enough with his lawyering skills that I decided to refer various matters to him over the years. There may not be a higher compliment than for a former opposing counsel to trust a lawyer with current potential clients. From my perspective, he has always interacted with his clients in a professional, ethical manner and appears dedicated to achieving the best result possible. Perhaps what I appreciate most is the fact that Anthony seems to know which cases to take, which cases to refer to other lawyers, and which cases to reject. He has never led me to think that he is simply trying to make a fast buck from a potential client. I believe that his clients are in good hands and I have no hesitation about referring matters to him.”

Todd S. - California lawyer for approximately 30 years, with experience in various size law firms
We remain satisfied with the legal services provided by The Liberatore Law Firm.

“We were updated every step of the way and Anthony Liberatore succinctly explained all aspects of the process and available options. Our settlement provided closure to a painful period of our lives. We highly recommend Anthony and his firm.”

M.S. & C.S.
Anthony jumped right in and proved to be one of the best trial attorneys I have ever seen.

“I am a real estate litigation attorney who was injured by an individual who rear ended my car at high speed. I hired a personal injury attorney with a nationally recognized name. A few weeks before trial she abandoned the case as a result of personal problems in her marriage; I was left with an inexperienced associate to carry-on.

A colleague of mine, a top tier malpractice attorney, referred me to Anthony Liberatore and he graciously substituted into the case. What a find! Anthony jumped right in and proved to be one of the best trial attorneys I have ever seen. He was so well prepared at trial, he was able to impeach the other side’s experts with their own testimony given in other trials . . .

that was impressive! My Firm now refers personal injury cases to Anthony in matters where our clients are involved. We have the utmost confidence in Anthony’s abilities and consider Anthony an extension of our AV rated Firm.”

John A. Messina, Jr., Esq. Founding Partner, Lytton Williams Messina & Hankin LLP
If you want an honest, hard-working attorney with integrity, you've found it with Mr. Liberatore!

“I was involved in an automobile accident where the person who hit me was denying liability, despite the police report putting her at fault. Fearful of an unfavorable outcome, I decided to take my case to Anthony Liberatore. Mr. Liberatore allayed my fears, assuring me that he would fight for me. And fight he did!

Mr. Liberatore kept an open line of communication, even taking the time to call me after business hours when I became concerned about the other party’s insurance adjuster refusing to budge and the amount of my medical bills. In all our conversations, Mr. Liberatore was genuinely concerned about me, as a person, and not just another one of his cases. In fairly short order, Mr. Liberatore was able to settle my case for much more than I had expected! I’m very pleased with my settlement and my overall experience with Mr. Liberatore’s handling of my case.

In my line of work, I have access to MANY personal injury attorneys. But, if you want an honest, hard-working attorney with integrity, you’ve found it with Mr. Liberatore!

Thank you to Anthony Liberatore and the staff of The Liberatore Law Firm!”