Case Results

$3.5M Negligence

Facilities maintenance – verdict.

$2.6M Medical Malpractice & Fraud

Lap band surgery.

$2.4M Motorcycle Accident

Motorcycle disputed liability and course and scope.

$2.3M Government Negligence


$2.05M Wrongful Death

Welding error resulting in wood chipper on I-10.

$1.5M Dangerous Conditions - Public Property

Depression in road.

$1.5M Car Accident

Car crash.

$1.475M Medical Malpractice

Epidural injection.

$1.4M Wrongful Death

Train derailment.

$1.347M Toxic Exposure

Oil field chemicals.

$775K Property Damage

Auto minimal visible property damage.

$505K Sexual Abuse

School sexual abuse.

$500K Medical Malpractice

Failure to diagnose.

$500K Car Accident

Auto crash.

$500K Negligence

Reality TV fight.

$475K Sexual Assault.
$425K Dangerous Conditions

Dangerous condition of public, improperly signed crosswalk.

$397.7K Negligence

Elevator mis-level.

$385K Wrongful Possesion

Wrongful possession of cremains.

$375K Misappropriation

Trade secret misappropriation.

$355K Fraud

Fraud surrogacy services.

$325K Negligence

Stockbroker negligence.

$325K Child Abuse

Burn of minor.

$325K Negligence

Negligent construction.

$309K Car Accident

Auto accident.

$275K Car Accident

Car crash policy limits – settlement.

$250K Injury

Auto injured middle finger, policy payment.

$250K Auto Policy
$250K Auto Policy
$250K Auto Accident

Auto v. Motorcycle policy limit.

$250K Wrongful Death

Auto policy limits wrongful death of at fault driver.

$250K Premises Liability


$235K Auto Accident


$225K Fraud

Litigation fraud.

$225K Pedestrian Accident

Car versus pedestrian.

$206K Fraud

Franchise fraud.

$200K Dangerous Conditions

Dangerous condition public property.

$200K Auto Accident

Auto minimal impact.

$200K Negligence

Slick floor.

$200K Defective Sidewalk
$185K Dispute

Entertainment Dispute.

$198.8K Defective Product

Defective handrail – verdict.

$165K Negligence

Homeowner negligence.

$165K Premises Liability
$163.6K Abuse

Elder abuse.

$145K Auto Accident
$130K Auto Accident
$125K Breach of Contract
$125K Negligence

Wet floor.

$112.5K Pedestrian Accident

Auto v. pedestrian.

$110K Auto Accident

Auto minimal impact.

$105K Auto Accident