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Large trucks endanger the lives of everyone they share the road with. The average 18-wheeler weighs approximately 20 times more than a standard passenger car. In a collision between the two, the smaller car will always lose. At The Liberatore Law Firm, our Los Angeles personal injury lawyers help victims of truck accidents seek justice and fair financial compensation for their injuries and related losses. We are here for you and your family throughout the recovery process. Contact us online or call (424) 285-8550 today to request a free case consultation.

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What Causes Truck Accidents in Los Angeles?

The number one cause of devastating trucking accidents is negligence. In personal injury law, someone is negligent if he or she fails to act with an ordinary level of care. In the trucking industry, negligence by a truck company, cargo company, truck driver, cargo loaders or anyone else involved in the job can increase the risk of a deadly truck accident.

If negligence can be proven based on a preponderance of the evidence (more likely than not), the victim can recover financial compensation for his or her losses. Common examples of negligence are truck driver error, distracted driving, speeding, failing to remain in control of the big rig, following too closely, driving under the influence, poor trucker hiring and training practices, and inadequate truck maintenance.

Truck Accidents and Federal Safety Regulations

Many truck accidents are traced back to violated safety regulations. Commercial trucks are recognized by law as common carriers, meaning they are subject to a range of laws that do not apply to standard motor vehicles. These regulations include hours-of-service restrictions for truck drivers, cargo securement rules and truck maintenance requirements. Violating any of these laws can compromise the safety of a truck or truck driver and cause an accident.

Unique Evidence in Truck Accident Cases

One element that makes a truck accident case in Los Angeles unique compared to typical car accident claims is the evidence that may be available. For example, many commercial trucks have black boxes, or electronic data recorders that collect information. Accessing this data can provide evidence of fault, such as a truck driver who exceeded the hours-of-service regulations or a truck that was in need of repairs. Other examples of unique evidence include truck company compliance records, truck driver medical and driving histories, and cell phone records.

Who Is Responsible for a Commercial Truck Accident in Los Angeles?

Truck accident cases are complex and difficult to navigate. In most cases, a trucking company is held responsible or liable for accidents that involve their trucks and drivers. Bringing a claim against a trucking company may require assistance from an attorney, as this is a powerful adversary that will have ample resources to put toward fighting your claim. A lawyer can level the playing field and negotiate against a trucking company and its insurance carrier on your behalf.

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