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How to Deal With Insurance Companies After a Car Accident

If you or a loved one sustains an injury in a car accident caused by another party, it is likely that you will file or have already filed a claim with the insurance carriers. It is crucial to be cautious when dealing with an insurance claims adjuster. Here, we want to discuss how to deal with insurance carriers after a car accident. We encourage you to reach out to a skilled car accident lawyer for assistance as soon as possible.

Reporting the Incident

It is important for car accident victims to report the incident to their insurance carrier as soon as possible. Almost every major insurer has multiple ways to report an incident, often without even speaking to a representative at all. In most situations, crash victims can file their claims through the insurance carrier’s website, over the phone, or through the mobile app.

The initial claim does not have to go into much detail, but the insurance carrier does need to know about the incident and that he will be seeking medical care. At this stage, there is no reason for you to go into detail about the incident, potential liable parties, or the overall extent of your injuries or property damage.

Referring Claims Adjusters to Your Attorney

It is not uncommon for insurance claims adjusters to begin calling crash victims soon after the incident occurs. In fact, they call quickly to try and resolve the claim before individuals are even fully aware of the extent of their medical needs or property damage expenses.

If you receive a call from your claims adjuster or the insurance claims adjuster for the at-fault party, we encourage you to refer these calls to your attorney. When you have a skilled car accident lawyer by your side, you will have an advocate who can handle all communication with other parties on your behalf, including communication and negotiations with the insurance carriers.

Your attorney will act as a buffer between you and the insurance carriers, ensuring that nothing gets said that could jeopardize the outcome of the claim.

Keeping Conversations Short and Professional

If you do not yet have an attorney or wish to speak to the insurance carriers on your own, we encourage you to do so cautiously. Insurance claims adjusters are very good at getting crash victims to trust them. They can seem very friendly, and they may even engage you in small talk.

Avoid the small talk and keep the conversation professional. Only answer questions that are asked, and do not assume anything about the vehicle accident. Do not speculate on what may have happened and do not accept blame in any way.

Let the insurance claims adjusters know the basic facts of the case, as explained in the accident report. Let them know that you have been seeking medical treatment. If the insurance carriers want you to get an appraisal for property damage at a specified repair shop, request that you receive an estimate from a repair shop of your choosing as well.

The at-fault party’s insurance carrier will likely offer a low settlement to begin with, but this should be the starting point for negotiation toward a fair settlement. Your attorney can handle this process on your behalf.