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The Impact of Los Angeles’s Road Conditions on Car Accidents

The roadways around Los Angeles can be fraught with hazards. Unfortunately, these hazards can lead to major accidents that cause injuries and property damage. Here, we want to discuss some of the most common roadway hazards that cause accidents as well as steps you can take to help recover compensation for your losses.

Common Roadway Hazards Around Los Angeles

There are various reasons why poor roadway conditions arise in and around the Los Angeles area. In many cases, the issues occur due to typical wear and tear on the road. However, there are also situations where hazards arise relatively quickly but are known about and not addressed.

Some roadway hazards arise due to poor roadway design or construction. Others occur due to unforeseen hazards, such as objects falling off of vehicles and onto the roadway.

Some of the most common examples of hazards that could lead to significant accidents on the roadways include the following:

  • Potholes. Potholes often form due to a lack of continued roadway maintenance by companies or government entities. In Los Angeles, potholes are becoming more commonplace, and they often cause major property damage or injuries.
  • Inadequate or missing signage. Drivers depend on signs to let them know about potentially hazardous conditions on the roadway. Inadequate signage, such as a lack of warning signs or another form of traffic control device, could lead to major roadway incidents around LA.
  • Construction obstacles. When construction companies or government entities begin work on a roadway or around the roadway, there are specific procedures they have to take to ensure the safety of drivers and passengers. If roadway construction becomes a hazard for drivers, the company or government entity may be liable for injuries or property damage.
  • Objects on the roadway. Objects can fall onto the roadway from vehicles. This can include objects falling off of a cargo area of a vehicle or parts physically falling off of vehicles. Potentially liable parties could include other drivers, commercial trucking companies, vehicle manufacturers, and others.

Recovering Compensation for an Accident Caused by Poor Road Conditions

Recovering compensation after an accident caused by poor roadway conditions in Los Angeles can be challenging. We strongly encourage you to reach out to an attorney for a free consultation on your claim. A car accident lawyer in Los Angeles can help evaluate your situation and determine the best steps moving forward, whether that be a claim against a company, individual, or government entity.

The process of recovering compensation could be more complex depending on which party or parties are liable for the incident. For example, claims against a government entity will likely need to be filed through the procedures outlined in the California Tort Claims Act (CTCA), which is a separate process from typical personal injury claims filed in civil court.

Your attorney will examine the facts of your case and help you understand the best route toward recovering the compensation needed for your medical bills, lost wages, property damage expenses, and pain and suffering arising due to the incident. There is no set amount of compensation paid for successful claims related to roadway conditions and accidents in LA, but your attorney will examine your claim and help give you a ballpark figure.